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A study of the end of the Law in the New Testament involving the church presenting Christ as the fulfillment of the Torah (Law) in an easy to read street version. This book is written for the common people on the ground who want to understand and share their faith of the gospel.

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This book presents a body of evidence that the Law of Moses was NOT fulfilled at the cross (a popular contemporary doctrine). Arguments are presented logically and based on scriptural exegesis. In Matthew 5:17-18, Jesus ties the Law and Prophets together to emphatically ("one jot or one tittle) state the time of fulfillment. All prophecy, including Jesus' death, burial, resurrection, and the end of the Old Covenant Law were constituents of the "end of the age," not the end of time. The Law did not end until all prophecy was fulfilled. Read this book to fully understand the meaning of the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy and the import of the interdependency between it and the Law.


William Bell takes a look at most of the new testament passages where it is clear that the writers did not believe the law had been fulfilled when they wrote! Salvation is one of those things that the writers were saying was future but near, or at hand. Great little book, easy to read - much meat on every page.

John Acaley

If you are a bibilical scholar or a young christian seeking the truth, this book details each point and breaks down each scripture for you so that you can gain a better understanding of when the law of Moses was fulfilled. Also, if you didn't know the answer you will after reading this. Very well written.

Ms Sassy
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