Israel Only Memphis Eschatology Conference

Israel Only Discussion With Jason DeCosta

Israel Only Discussion With Jason DeCosta

Israel Only Memphis Eschatology ConferenceSome of you may be aware of a written debate challenge issued to Jason DeCosta, an advocate of the Israel only position. Mr. DeCosta was active on Facebook about six months ago but has now migrated to YouTube. However, several others of that group are very active on FB though recently they have lost a few supporters.

DeCosta chose not to accept our invitation for a written debate and he began making YT videos in response with his own set of stipulations. I could not in good conscience agree to such terms but decided at least to respond to what he has published.

Israel Only

Israel Only is the view that sees all prophecy fulfilled, but also all salvific work of redemption both completed and limited only to those in the first century. In other words, nothing remains beyond AD70 and nothing is available for us today. It advocates and end to the kingdom of God which the Bible clearly says has no end, Luke 1:33; Isaiah 9:6-7.

IO (Israel Only) argues for the New heavens and New earth being fulfilled not in the message of the last days, but in the time of the return of Israel from Babylonian captivity. IO also teaches no one sins today, i.e. that sin no longer exists, not simply put away for those in Christ, but that no one can sin. Yet they claim it is not Universalism because salvation is over and applies to no one.

Some will no doubt be caught up with this view. For this reason, we definitely felt the need to address it so both sides of the issue can be studied based upon their own merit.

Download Our Reply to Israel Only

My first reply was posted about a week ago. You may download it from this link. Reply to Jason DeCosta’s Israel Only

The feedback from this response has been very good. Some have abandoned the IO position as a result. We are about to release the second response in a few hours so if it is not yet posted, check back. It will be uploaded to the main site, then posted to FB and here.

Israel Only Repeats Hebrew Israelites Errors

If you are familiar with the Black Hebrew Israelites, you will find similar teaches to Israel Only. In our discussion we have noticed that in some places, they are reading from the same game book. Their arguments are identical. I have recently written a book on the Hebrew Israelites that is scheduled to publish this month. Be sure to look for it on the blog or one of the other websites.

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