Have You Spoken In Tongues Kindle EBook


Have You Spoken In Tongues? Amazon Kindle Ebook

A study of spiritual gifts and their use in the early church and its meaning and application for today.


What You Will Learn With This eBook

The book is segmented into several chapters that cover each point and show the interconnection and how to apply the teaching to the present time and why.

  • Origin of Tongue Speaking

    We trace the origin of speaking in “tongues” from the Bible, long before Pentecost of Acts Chapter Two. What actually is it?

  • Distinction Between Prophecy and Tongues

    What is the primary reason for speaking in tongues? Does God place more weight on tongue speaking than on prophesying?

  • The Meaning of Tongues as a Sign

    We examine the use of tongue speaking as a sign and to whom the sign was given and for what purpose?

  • The Role of Interpreters

    What to do in the case where interpreters are present and when they are not.

  • The Spirits Subject to the Prophets

    Were those who spoke in tongues out of control or under control?

  • Women and the Gift of Tongues

    What role did women play in the early church assemblies in connection with speaking in tongues? How did this differ from the men?

I've Made It As Easy As Possible

Our goal is to break down each component of the subject and simplify it as much as possible so you not only get information but you get the knowledge you can apply in real life learning situations.

One Book Everyone Should Read On Tongue Speaking

Today's environment make this topic all the more significant for those who want to effectively communicate the truth on the gift of tongues.

Have You Spoken in Tongues Kindle eBook?


The question and study of tongue speaking is one that has capture the attention of many within and without the church. For some, the subject is wrapped in mystery.

In this book, we present every key component of tongue speaking in an easy to follow, yet in depth manner so you not only have a well-researched study but one that you can really wrap your mind around and be feel assured of your understanding. Great for individual study and small groups.