"At Last! Follow A Step-By-Step Easy To Learn System For Understanding The Last Days and Endtimes That Won't Confuse You, Lose You In Big Words and Won't Take Forever To Achieve Mastery "

FINALLY: A Virtual Walk Through the Bible From Genesis To Revelation on the Last Days…

Saturday 10:26 a.m.

Last Days DVD Bible Study SeriesDear Friend,

Let's face it. Trying to learn, remember and assimilate tons of Bible texts in a practical way to understand it and communicate it to others is difficult for the average person untrained in seminary.

It's even difficult for some who are. There is no doubt that millions have a high interest in the last days.

With the latest scare about the end of the world, more and more people are concerned everyday.

They want to know the purpose of the last days, what will happen and whether they will survive!

Of course some people will do fine without understanding the subject.


Just take a look at how many people were expecting the world to end just a few short months ago. The numbers are staggering and speaks for themselves?

But what's the solution? Some say, read this book on the topic? But the problem with many books is that they are often too complex and too time consuming for today's busy reader.

However, most books on the subject are scanty or are filled with so much hype that it's hard to sift through what's good or bad.

Often they cover so many unrelated issues that leave you wondering what the author really intended.

But now here's the good news!

We've eliminated all the pain-staking brain-bending effort to thoroughly master the study of the last days. Rather than have you read through a bunch of boring highly technical books, we created 5 one-hour long DVD videos with Microsoft PowerPoint slides for each video that you can follow right along with on screen.

You'll also be in the company of a live audience as we break dowm the material so even a 6th grader could understand. If there is one thing you will have at the end of this study, it's confidence and clarity!

  • Clear explanations of obsure texts
  • Visual aid charts to help you easily see comparisons
  • Live questions taken from the floor and answered
  • Timely spaced reviews of important information covered for easy recall
  • Dozens of Visual aid eschatology charts to help you easily see comparisons
  • Email follow-up for additional questions based on the lesson material

This is a great tutorial which you can also use to teach your family, home groups or church.

Okay, so what's the cost?.

We'll get to that in a moment, but first hear what others had to say.

I really enjoyed William's teaching on the role and duration of spiritual gifts. It has helped us tremendously. Theo, Columbia, SC.

For the first time I was able to see with crystal clear clarity, what the scriptures teach on the gifts and eschatology in the New Testament, J. Crenshaw, Memphis, TN

This is a study all should read. You cannot be harmed by it but only helped. Keep up the great work. Pastor M. Thomas

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You'll enjoy this study on The Last Days DVD Study Series in addition to the study on Romans 11:25-26. After this, it will be very difficult to say, you don't understand any longer.

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The Last Days Video Bible Study Series