Are you looking for a way to study and learn more about Covenant Eschatology? Are you isolated from friends and larger fellowships that offer you the support and teaching instruction you need? Is it difficult or unaffordable for you to travel to expensive seminars?

We have an alternate solution that may help you. You can receive our audio newsletter each month directly to your email. Each month you’ll receive a new audio study on eschatology. We will walk you through both the familiar and the more difficult passages of scripture in easy to understand plain English so you get it.

When Was the Law of Moses Fulfilled?

William Bell Jr.

We understand that not everyone has someone available in their area to teach Covenant Eschatology or even some place to meet every month to study because you have been banned from certain fellowships. Or maybe you need more help to teach those where your fellowships desires to know more.

Our audio newsletter Bible studies can help you grow and strengthen your faith in God’s fulfilled word. This will help you to formulate a much more positive worldview enabling you to live a more dynamic and fulfilling life in the kingdom of God.

As we continue to build lessons, you’ll have the option of receiving bi-monthly and even weekly lessons. Some of our subscribers have received these audio messages for years and continue to do so.

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You will be able to listen to these messages on a variety of mobile devices in addition to your computer.

Often, we take for granted the challenges we’ve had to face to walk through all the passages, objections and questions that arise in studying a subject as integrated as Covenant Eschatology, but looking back, I know just how you feel.

When I began my journey, there was so little information and all we had was a two page letter we received monthly. It never seemed to be enough, but we eagerly looked forward to receiving it each month. Now, there is much more available so your journey can be much faster and smoother.

[content_box_light_green width=”75%”]Consider how much more easily you can introduce the subject to your friends and family by allowing them to join you in listening to the audio messages. You’ll be able to reach more people helping us to teach those whom we can only reach through you.[/content_box_light_green]

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We created these lessons with you in mind. Others requested they enjoyed learning through audio and wanted to receive messages they could listen to at any time due to their schedules. This works out well for all involved because our schedule are packed as well and we can’t always fit our time into a give slot each week. Creating the audio monthly news allows us to have Audio Newsletter Audio Newsletter

this flexibility.

Do you have questions you’d like to have answered. Send us those and we’ll create audio messages around them for others to benefit as well.

You’ll also be able to email us and let us know how you’re doing with your studies and to receive product support if needed.

For your convenience, here is a part of an audio newsletter study that we offering to anyone who wants to listen just for visiting this page. Just click on the following link and start listening right away.

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  • Affordable for everyone
  • No shipping or waiting with delivery straight to your email box
  • Start listening Now in just minutes
  • No long-term commitment cancel anytime.

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You don’t have to worry about risking your hard-earned dollars, especially in this economy where every dollar must be stretched. We guarantee your complete satisfaction or your money back.

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  • The Coming of the Lord
  • The Resurrection of the Dead
  • The Kingdom of God
  • The Promise of Abraham
  • The Restoration of Israel
  • The Fulfillment of the Law and much more

Click the button now and I’ll join you on the other side.

William Bell,

Author, Speaker, Founder of

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